Range of services | Services

Range of services | Services

The VOLTIS range of services in overview:

Logistics service
As a result of cooperation with professional logistics services providers and our flexible organisational structures, we can offer you a unique logistics and delivery service. That means, in detail:

  • Especially speedy delivery within a very short time
  • Very accurate scheduling
  • Just-in-time-delivery
  • Part deliveries in the case of large orders with high unit numbers

Outgoing goods warehouse
For customers who regularly place repeat orders with large unit numbers in several batches, we offer the option of using our outgoing goods warehouse as an external storage facility. This means that it is possible to react to your most recent requirements and/or supplementary orders particularly quickly.

Documentation of all work processes
In the framework of our quality management system, every order, every product development and every process step is documented right from the start. This is of great benefit, firstly when making an application to licensing authorities and secondly due to the fact that all procedures can be traced back by means of development numbers.

Traceability of batches
By marking the products, all batches can be traced and the technical status accurately determined. Component changes within the product life cycle are documented. The traceability of orders and technical changes is, therefore, constantly guaranteed.