Range of services | Product range | RM Transformers

Range of services | Product range | RM Transformers

The RM Series

Components of the RM Series in standard to low profile are distinguished by their compact, almost closed design. They are therefore, especially suitable for:

  • use in power electronics
  • low-loss, highly stable filter coils
  • low-distortion broadband transmission
  • small-signal, interface and matching transformers
  • DC/DC converters with high switching frequency

The RM4...RM14 Designs

We produce the RM sizes RM4, RM5, RM6, RM7, RM8, RM10, RM12 and RM14 in standard and low profile versions.

As well as in standard, we also supply the versions RM4 Low Profile, RM5 and RM6 for ‘SMD’ surface mounting. In addition to vacuum impregnation, potting is also possible for several versions.

Let us know the parameters of your application circuit – we will develop / optimise your transformer to a well-engineered solution.