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Current Standards/Norms

The operational reliability of inductive components is decisively determined by standard-compliant selection, assembly and quality of the materials used. Characteristic of VOLTIS coiled products is and was at all times, technical solutions, which, in their quality parameters, comply with the advanced and international standards and thereby guarantee the operators products with a high degree of reliability and long product life.

Below is an extract of frequently applied standards:

EN 61558 VDE 0570 Safety of transformers, power supply units and the like
EN 60950 VDE 0805 Safety of information technology equipment
EN 60065 VDE 0860 Safety requirements for audio, video and similar electronic equipment
EN 61010 VDE 0411 Safety regulations for electrical measuring, control, regulating and laboratory equipment
EN 50178 VDE 0160 Electrical power installations with electronic resources
EN 60730 VDE 0631 Safety regulations for automatic electrical regulating and control equipment
EN 60601 VDE 0750 Requirements for the safety of medical electrical equipment


All norms/standards are available from the VDE publishers: