Important information for developers

Important information for developers

You are employed as a developer with an industrial firm or an engineering/design bureau and require customer specific inductive components?

Your advantages with VOLTIS at a glance:

  • Short development times
  • Fast sampling
  • Selection of durable, practical materials
  • Safe components
  • Component support (e.g. with changes / additions to the documentation, support with UL listing)
  • Good, close contact – a contact partner

Information about our development department:

1. Short development times
Product development, evaluation and design is carried out on the basis of an intensive consultation which can, if required, also take place at your premises – always in close coordination with you.
Our technicians and engineers will quickly implement the specifications for the product you require: due to our flexible organisational structures and our highly qualified and motivated staff, we can guarantee exceptionally short development times.

2. Fast sampling
The development process is completed with construction of the prototype, which is accomplished by our team within a few days.
Within 3 to 5 days you will receive your prototype components for testing. As soon as the prototypes have been approved, the production of your products can begin.

3. Selection of long-lasting materials – for safe components
For the manufacture of our products, we exclusively use high-quality materials that are carefully selected and have to undergo, and pass, extensive quality testing. They are distinguished by their durability and thereby their long-term reliability.

4. Component support
Component documentation is provided in the form of data sheets. As a result, each process step and the technical status of the component can be tracked throughout the product’s life cycle. Correct documentation makes it easier for you to register your components with different institutions. The required standards and regulations are, of course, listed in the component documentation and compliance with them ensured.

5. Arranging an on site visit.
If you would like on site technical support for your development, you are welcome to arrange for us to visit.