Important information for the purchaser

Important information for the purchaser

You are employed as a purchaser with an industrial firm or an engineering/design bureau and require customer-specific inductive components?

Your advantages with VOLTIS at a glance:

  • High quality components
  • Secure supply, i.e. reliable delivery and adherence to schedules
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Attractive logistics and distribution services
  • Development and production under one roof

Information about VOLTIS:

1. High quality components
We guarantee you components of impeccable quality – by the careful and uncompromising selection and testing of raw materials, extensive quality controls during the production process and a 100% final product check.
In all product areas, trained and motivated employees are constantly striving to provide enduring quality and to improve the quality of their processes.

2. Reliable delivery and adherence to schedules
Due to very exact scheduling, VOLTIS guarantees you reliable delivery and adherence to schedules after order has been placed.
For customers who regularly place repeat orders with large unit numbers in multiple batches, we offer the option of using our outgoing goods warehouse as an external storage facility. This means that is possible to react to your most recent requirements and/or supplementary orders especially quickly.

3. Good price / performance ratio
VOLTIS does not offer catalogue goods – we have specialised in customer-specific components. The resulting products and systems solutions convince by providing the highest quality with a particularly attractive price/performance ratio.

4. Logistics and distribution services
As a result of cooperation with professional logistics services providers and our flexible organisational structures, we can offer you a unique logistics and delivery service. That means, in detail:

  • Especially speedy delivery within a very short time
  • Very accurate scheduling
  • Just-in-time-delivery/implementation with delivery agreement
  • Part deliveries in the case of large orders with large unit numbers
  • Delivery from previously defined stock holdings

5. Development and production under one roof
At VOLTIS, the development and production of components take place under one roof.
As a result, the know-how is concentrated in one location. Short distances facilitate collaboration between departments and ensure a flexible range of services.