The Company | History

The Company | History


The company ‘L. Lasslop Ankerwickelei’ (coil winding) is established in Hilders by Ludwig Lasslop. The main focus of its activities: the repair and construction of electric motors for agriculture. The first business relationships with industrial companies come about for the overhaul of electric motors. As a result of its particularly fast repair service / fast overhaul service for local manufacturers, Lasslop becomes a sought-after service provider for the repair of electric motors in industry. As well as the repair service for electric motors, construction of the first small transformers and iron-core inductors begins.


The brother of the founder of the company, Johann Lasslop, becomes a partner.

1956 - 1962

Development, production and distribution of electric fishing equipment.

1965 – 1970

Development, production and distribution of gate drives.


The production and distribution of small transformers becomes the main area of business.


Inclusion of inductive components and HF inductors in the product range.


Separation of the Hilders and Hünfeld plants into the two independent concerns, Gebrüder Lasslop KG in Hilders and Johann Lasslop in Hünfeld


Transfer of the management of Gebrüder Lasslop KG in Hilders from Ludwig Lasslop to his sons Christian and Alexander Lasslop


Company/product range awarded the DQS Seal of Quality


Transformation of Gebrüder Lasslop KG into Gebrüder Lasslop GmbH & Co KG


The company has 28 employees. With the construction of its own design centre, the company’s capacity for innovation is further improved.


Change of name from Gebrüder Lasslop GmbH & Co KG to VOLTIS GmbH & Co KG. Due to the appearance of the VOLTIS brand, a clear dissociation with Johann Lasslop in Hünfeld exists. VOLTIS owns the original rights to the brand name "Lasslop" for the inductor market.


VOLTIS has over 50 employees at its Hilders site.